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James "Darton" C. Has become a fan of CoonHoods. you can read about this experience on beginning on the 10th page of his thread at the link below. Thanks James and Micah for all the support!
If you find yourself in the market for some ranch land in Ok/AR please give James a call
Checkout his website

The CoonHoods are doing a fantastic job! This is the first complete round of photos I have gotten since putting my camera back out and was expecting to see the coons taking their share since I was putting in 400 LB per week. The pics showed that the deer, and only the deer, are responsible for my 400 LB a week bill! Thanks for a great product!

-Jay “Darton” C – Lake Eufaula, OK

Cody Weiser has become a true believer in CoonHoods. 
Cody was kind enough to post his entire CoonHood experience from first hearing about the product to ending his coon problem.
You can read all about it on the TBH Forum (link below).  Thanks Cody!
Coy Garcia and company investigate the desperate scratches of starving coons that just couldn't beat the CoonHood. Read Coy's comments and other about this product (link below). Thanks Coy!
Installation of Coonhoods on a CrossFire feeder at the Adobe Lodge outside of San Angelo, TX for Skipper Duncan.
If you are looking for a great hunt, beautiful terrain, and a host with some of the funniest stories you have ever heard , give Skipper a call.  

Only took 2 days to figure out that they work! If you want to stop losing money on protein then buy some CoonHoods!

Brandon, Whitesboro TX


“ They just flat out work! “

Logan, Tyler, TX


I have had the hoods on my bossbuck since lasty summer. I had a serious coon problem. I tried Trapping them but they got wise to the traps. The CoonHoods did the trick… I will be buying another gravity feeder for a property next month and will be putting CoonHoods on it as well! Good Product!


I’ve had my CoonHoods going on a year and a half. (Before) Had a boatload of coons camped out on it every night, I cant remember the last time I had a coon caught on my cell cam at my feeder. A must for every protein feeder in Texas! Get you Some!

Ryan W – Burr TX


“Couldn’t be more pleased, I wish all my purchases were so effective! “

Mike M.- Haltom City


Save your Money and get CoonHoods! … I am completely sold! .. Best deer feeding product I have ever upgraded to! Absolutely love the product.

Cody W.


CoonHoods have been a major saving in my protein cost.

-James R- Dimmit County/Big Wells


Our trail cameras monitoring the feeder proved the CoonHood works.

-Skipper D, San Angelo, TX


The saying “Build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door...” is very appropriate for this product. You have solved what many people believe to be the impossible riddle related to Coons taking feed that was intended for deer. Great product. When you start taking on investors, look me up!

-Micah H. Corinth, Texas



Great product that delivers results in the field.  With the CoonHood attached to my protein feeders, I have eliminated the raccoon problem I have been struggling to

overcome for years.

-Brent A.  Grayson County Texas


From my experience, a single coon at a feeder will consume or waste one dollar's worth of protein a night. So, at that rate, a single raccoon will waste a 50 lb bag of protein every 23 to 24 days. If multiplied by maximum count of raccoons in a game cam picture, the loss can be staggering.

I did not see my feeder's capacity extend out in weeks as suggested by survey question, I saw near the same rate of protein going out, but instead of going into a coon or on the ground, the previously lost protein was being eaten by a deer.

-Michael R, DeWitt  County

"Was able to Check camera today. 5700 pics all deer! Not a single pic of a coon! This makes the 3rd fill without a pics of coons. Your CoonHoods are AWESOME!
- D. Stevens - Mont Belvieu TX
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