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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a CoonHood?

CoonHood is an innovative device used to prevent raccoons, along with other varmints, from accessing protein in chute-style feeders. The patented design allows the unwanted animal's weight to lower the hood blocking access to the feed. When no varmints are present, the hood remains in the upright neutral position which allows the larger intended animals to eat freely.

Is the price listed for a single hood or for a whole feeder? 

Except for the bossbuck 3 way and 4 way , the CoonHoods are sold individually so the price is for a single unit. If you have a (4) chute feeder, you will need (4) individual CoonHoods. BossBuck CoonHoods are sold in a set of (3) or (4). Please note: the Boss Buck Price does not include the plastic head.  The listed price includes shipping.

I need to spend a couple hundred $ per feeder,  Are CoonHoods really worth it? 

You must answer this question. To do so, follow these 6 easy  steps:


1. Look at your game camera. Do you have coons stealing from your feeder?

2. Estimate how much money you spend a month on protein, and calculate 25% of that cost. Consider how long it would actually take for the CoonHoods to pay for themselves (If you have a severe coon problem calculate 40%). Most of you will find that within the first 3 months CoonHoods pay for themselves.


3. Now consider the savings over a 5 to 10 year period.

Not yet convinced? 

4. Consider how much time and effort you spend picking up feed, driving out to the lease, and filling your feeders. Not to mention, setting traps, checking traps, and/or hunting coons. 


5. Now ask yourself, Can I afford not to invest in CoonHoods? 

6. Contact Us


How do you install CoonHoods? 

Coonhoods are designed specifically to fit your feeder. Each CoonHood bolts on easily in a matter of minutes. No alterations or modifications are needed to your existing feeder. All required hardware is included.

Video for assembly / installation of individual hoods below. 



For the assembly and installation of the BossBuck Coonhoods see video below. 

All Seasons Pro Evo and 500# stand and fill video coming soon.

How high should I set my protein chutes off of the ground? 

For best results, the bottom of your chutes should be between 38-42" off the ground. Any lower than 36" and you are in trouble when it comes to coons (with or without Coonhoods installed)

Are CoonHoods protected? 

YES, Under patent number 10375927. This is a full concept utility patent, not a design patent, therefore it holds across all of our models. If you are interested in obtaining fabrication rights please contact us. 


Where are we located? 

The physical shop is located near Lamesa, TX (45 Miles South of Lubbock), pick up in that area is always free. We can often accommodate free delivery on the route between San Angelo and San Antonio, call for more details. 


  • Incompatible feeders :

  • (feeders for which, based on size, geometry, and/or design, we cannot design a CoonHood)

  • All Seasons Feeders: 

    • 600LB and 1000 LB electric stand and fill

    • 1250LB and 2000LB stand and fill 

    • 300LB Galvanized 

  • Banks (plastic) 

  • Lamco trough type feeders. Lamco chute  style feeders are compatible with the 6" Sq model if they do not have the drop away tray or built on flared guards. 

  • Game Winner 3-way head 

  • ForEverLast 4 way galvanized head 

  • Moultrie single or tripod (PLASTIC)



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